quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Year of Caffeine

So, 2009 has begun, and everything I have put off for later has decided to cave in on me in these last few weeks of "vacation". Uni payments and debts, my brother's university application sibling forms, interviews with professionals in the areas that I'm interested in... basically, everything. And what is most frustrating is that you can spend a week running after these things and not get anything done, because no one else is on the same page you are.

Take David's sibling form, for instance. I visited my uni about 5 times in less than a week, trying to find out who could fill it out for me, and their answer would always be pointing to someone else. In the end, I had to translate the darn thing before sending it off to the financial department.

You know when there are so many things on your plate, you just freeze? You panic, start to sweat, your heart begins to beat harder, faster, you feel incapacitated to reason through the simplest ordeals, and all you wanna do is just plop dead on your bed and sleep. Exactly the state I am at the moment. But instead of plopping dead, I'm venting here. Maybe I should stop drinking coffee and take more passion fruit meds.

I always wanted to announce to the world that I have decided over my final uni project topic: caffeine! Okay, it's a very brooooad topic. I'll likely narrow it down to find a connection with diabetes; how exactly, I have no clue (one other reason I am panicking at the moment). So that is the theme of my 2009: Caffeine. My agenda has a coffee plant design on it. My latest kitten has been named Coffee (but I call her Charlie). I have been devotedly drinking at least one cup of coffee every morning. Oh!! And Bach made a piece for coffee!!! Can you believe it?? I had no clue, so I was immensely delighted! Here it is, the one and only Bach's Coffee Cantata on YouTube:

I hope you enjoyed that :P Anyhow, I must be off...