sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2008


It's been so long since I have written here! Wow... last time I did, I was in Europe. Now, half a year later, I write from São Paulo, once again dreaming of making another trip.

Six months later I can think better over the experiences I had far away from home... Reflecting, there are so many things I wish I had done, so many things I wish I hadn't. Even if I ever do make it back, every trip is unique, has its highlights, has its moments... What made this trip unique to me, well... you'll never know, but it will always be kept in the drawers of my memory. Some things cannot be shared as I wish. Memories are but pieces. The experience remains though. I remember lying in the tent in Belfast, the DJ beats thudding in my stomach during the beginning of each service in SM...

London. I remember walking in London with and without company... it sucks to be by your lonesome in a new city. I remember visiting the Bloody Tower during those awful woman days (how ironic), in the heat and tiredness (after sleeping very little in that little hostel near Royal Oak)... You can get practically everywhere with the tube. Up to this day, when I take the underground here, I remember to "mind the gap". Bittersweet... I visited the Westminster Abbey, London Zoo, London Aquarium, London Tower, and saw all the other essentials. Even bought three teddy bears as gifts at Hamley's (they were on sale!!).

Paris. I remember travelling on that bus, everyone talking french, the lady sitting next to me spending almost an hour on the cell phone talking in french to a friend... We stopped at the port, and everyone had to get off to show the people their passports (they spoke in french, I felt slightly lost and scared!). Then, the ferry, from England to France. I was feeling so sick and alone, quiet, nauseous, but I sat there and rested for a while, watching the ocean. In Paris, I remember arriving at the station, looking for the underground, and finding out that I could not buy a ticket without a credit card and that the machine was all in french... I couldn't make heads or tails of it! (a nice london fellow bought me a ticket when he saw my despair!) In Paris, I arrived at the hotel, but the girls weren't there... long story short, I despaired and was at tear's edge when they showed up behind me. Oh, the relief!! I miss getting lost in Paris with them... And waking up to see the Tour Eiffel in our window...

Anyway, the picture "Their Love Is Vintage" above was that of the flowers we gave our parents on their 25th anniversary. I love them so much!!! We made a little "surprise" candlelight dinner for them (they were out at the gym and decided to stop at a restaurant to eat something together, so we had to call them up and tell them about their surprise so that they wouldn't ruin it with no appetite).

One of the things I have learned and carried on from my Europe trip is photography. I bought my camera there and started to take interest there. Thanks all of you who inspired me ;)

Until next post!